Peter Saxton

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I have an Master of Physics (MPhys) from Oxford and started a Phd in Scotland following some travelling. I found the Phd was not well suited to me and I left to find faster feedback in the real world. An intense introduction to Ruby on the Makers Academy 3 month coding course was the change of direction I needed.

I haven't looked back. I freelanced immediately after graduating Makers, working on projects involving Ruby, JavaScript and Elixir. Recently I have been working at a proptech start-up as a senior developer, this time with Scala.

A regular participant in hacknights and meet-ups in London I am always learning something new. I am keen to share my latest insights and have written and presented on the topic of Domain Driven Design. Currently I am enjoying seeing how DDD concepts merge with the rigor of functional languages.

My primary aim is to become a software craftsman and to build the future of the web.

Outside of programming, I enjoy surfing, Terry Pratchett and Dartmoor.