Peter Saxton

  1. Message passing for actors and humans

  2. Introducing GenBrowser

  3. Errors are not exceptional

  4. Mind your own business View Controller

  5. Raxx - CodeBeamSTO

  6. Building a distributed chatroom with Raxx.Kit

  7. Raxx - refined web development

  8. HTTP is message passing

  9. Git status for Elixir builds

  10. Simple web services with Ace + Elixir

  11. All chat applications; lesson 2

  12. Live coded chat app in 45 minutes

  13. Interface design for HTTP streaming

  14. Working with HTTP/2 in Elixir

  15. Elixir processes for a Rubyist

  16. Tokumei, on the web

  17. Web without the framework

  18. Building a webserver in Elixir

  19. Why I built Raxx

  20. Towards cloud native

  21. Simply starting something


Creator of Raxx; Elixir addict and open source evangelist.

Short Bio

Working with Elixir everyday at, and loving it. Discovered Elixir after using Python, JavaScript, Ruby and Scala. Before programming was conducting research into quantum optics.

Believes that message passing is a great way to think about distributed systems. Nowadays developing Raxx with the goal of extending message passing beyond the BEAM.

I have an Master of Physics (MPhys) from Oxford and started a Phd in Scotland following some travelling. I found the Phd was not well suited to me and I left to find faster feedback in the real world. An intense introduction to Ruby on the Makers Academy 3 month coding course was the change of direction I needed.

I haven't looked back. I freelanced immediately after graduating Makers, working on projects involving Ruby, JavaScript and Elixir. Recently I have been working at a proptech start-up as a senior developer, this time with Scala.

A regular participant in hacknights and meet-ups in London I am always learning something new. I am keen to share my latest insights and have written and presented on the topic of Domain Driven Design. Currently I am enjoying seeing how DDD concepts merge with the rigor of functional languages.

My primary aim is to become a software craftsman and to build the future of the web.

Outside of programming, I enjoy surfing, Terry Pratchett and Dartmoor.